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Presentations and Papers

Piano Keys


Overviews and Pedagogical Applications

With so many advanced pianists experiencing physical injuries, it has never been more important for musicians and teachers to be aware of approaches and resources to help facilitate recovery and ultimately prevention. The Taubman and Alexander approaches are only two of the many schools of thought on the topic of musician wellness. This presentation summarizes some of the main ideas from each approach, and provides suggestions for pedagogical application through examples in Faber's Piano Adventures series for young children.


Presented at:

MTNA National Conference   

Orlando, Florida

MTNA National Piano Pedagogy Symposium 

Austin, Texas


NCKP National Conference

Lombard, Illinois

TMTA State Convention

Dallas, Texas


Sheet Music


History, Psychology, & Application

This presentation traced the history of memorization at the piano and analyzed the psychology of memory in practice and performance. Attendees received practical suggestions for teaching memorization to various levels and repertoire styles.


Presented at: 

MTNA National Conference 

Baltimore, Maryland

A Group Presentation from the 

MTNA Collegiate Chapter of

Baylor University's School of Music


Senior Dance


Music and Dementia

In this presentation, I addressed studies from several researchers who have directly stated the benefits of music therapy seen in dementia patients. Topics such as the increased ability in areas of language functioning, promoting memory, and regaining a sense of self were covered. Further information was provided concerning future research possibilities using music in medical alternative treatment, especially in cases of dementia and similar illnesses. Practical tips were also given regarding how one can easily volunteer in this area of music therapy.


Presented at:

TMTA State Convention

Houston, Texas


Pressure point massage 2


On-going research

Development of healthy musician wellness develops not just from healthy pianistic technique, but also from positive thinking and personal daily habits. Musical development is critically connected to musician wellness. This research is a continued area of interest for me due to my own personal search of healthy pianistic development.

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